Programme: Law

Degree: Master

Language: English

Faculty: Faculty of Law

About the programme: The programme is focused mainly on the European Union Law and
International Law. Programme graduates acquire education that allows them to enrol to any of the professional chambers in Slovakia or to practice any legal profession. They are able to analytically and synthetically consider all legal fields with theoretical, philosophical and ethical basis, especially with a broad knowledge of the European Union Law and International Law. They are fully prepared for practice, especially in multinational law offices and multinational business corporations, international governmental and non‑governmental organisations, as well as central governmental authorities.

Tuition fee: 3,500 €/academic year

Application period:

1st call till 30/04/2019

2nd call till 31/08/2019

Admission test:

1st call 25/06/2019

2nd call 05/09/2019