Словакия - маленькая европейская страна

Slovakia is a small European country



Everyone who crosses its borders gets into the world of pleasure, pacification, emotional uplift. The hospitality of Slovaks can compete with the famous Georgian or Greek, which will save you from the feeling of  “a foreign country”. A country where every time of the year gives an unforgettable experience due to its natural conditions. This country, with its beautiful nature, spectacular mountain peaks, numerous castles and fortresses (every first – with his own ghost and every second – with his own dramatic story) can compete with the “veterans” of sightseeing tourism.

Slovakia can offer its guests many leisure options, which will be to the taste of tourists with different wishes. This is a ski holiday, treatment and a rich “sightseeing”. There are about 1200 thermal and mineral springs and 22 medical resorts in the country. It is believed that some of them are not inferior to similar resorts in Switzerland, while the cost of treatment in Slovakia is much lower.

Skier-pro in the winter of Slovakia almost never met (tracks are not the same)- However, it was not very desirable. In the end, not all are able to famously siggle on the “black” slopes from morning to night. A fair number of amateur athletes are not too complicated, but comfortable and safe descents – and there are enough of these here.

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