Education: completed secondary special (med.kolledzh). Higher education in the specialty (nurse) – also suitable.

Age: up to 45 years;

Experience: from 3 years;

Documents: the diploma of the younger expert or the diploma of the bachelor, the master.


I. Official employment:

  1. contract for 1 year in the position of a medical officer (during the first half of the year the candidate must confirm his qualification, after which he will have the opportunity to sign a contract for a longer period);

  2. the first 3 months probation period with a salary of ~ 420 euros / month (“clean”, after all taxes have been paid);

  3. next 3 months salary 500 euros / month (“clean”);

  4. exam to confirm the qualification of a junior specialist;

  5. after passing the examination, the position changes from the orderly to the younger nurse;

  6. for the position of a junior nurse a salary of ~ 580 euros;

  7. In addition to the salary, it is possible to receive surcharges for

-Overnight shifts

– night shifts

– work on weekends

-work on public holidays

-work beyond the norm.

  1. a year after the exam – confirmation of the diploma (specialty bachelor);

  2. after passing the exam, a contract for a specialty (nurse) for a longer period with a salary of 700 euros / month is concluded.

II. Expenses incurred by the employer:

  1. courses of the Slovak language before the exam – the EMPLOYER pays!

  2. accommodation before qualification confirmation (max 6 months)

  3. costs for the confirmation of qualifications (examination 250 euros) – paid by the EMPLOYER!

  4. expenses for the confirmation of the diploma of a specialty (Bachelor) (625 euros) – the EMPLOYER pays!

  5. meals during working hours

  6. provides overalls

  7. costs for obtaining a work permit and obtaining a residence permit (170 euros) – is paid by the EMPLOYER!

  8. after obtaining a residence permit it is necessary to undergo a physical examination (220 euros) – the EMPLOYER pays!

III. Expenses of the candidate

  1. advice and assistance in the preparation of documents for employment – 200 euros;

  2. registration of a biometric passport (if it does not already exist);

  3. insurance for 1 year;

  4. travel Ukraine – Slovakia;

  5. meals during off hours.

  6. preparation of documents for the employment program:

– apostille diploma of education and its annexes (junior specialist and bachelor),

– notarized copies of apostilled diplomas and attachments;

– translation of the apostilled diploma and application into the Slovak language;

– obtaining a certificate of non-conviction;

– Apostille of the certificate of non-conviction;

– translation of the apostilled certificate of non-conviction into the Slovak language;