КУРС "IDEAL - 2022"


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE (Technical University) in Kosice – invites future students to take
preparatory courses in the Slovak language for future studies in Slovakia!
This is one of the best and most advanced faculties in Slovakia, with a wide range of specialties and a
strong educational base. This combination is guaranteed the quality of education and demand in the
labor market.
The course is taught by university teachers, certified and professional lecturers, native speakers. A
specially developed course program will help you master the Slovak language from scratch and get
ready for the start of the school year in September.
The contract for the passage of language courses is signed directly with the university itself then you will
pay in euros to Slovakia.
We will help you get through the introductory campaign and move to Slovakia!

Why should you choose language courses from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering TUKE?

– classes are conducted by teachers of the university itself, native speakers;
– You immerse yourself in the language environment;
– soft acclimatization in another country before starting university studies;
– getting used to household independence;
– the course includes 60 hours of study of specialized subjects in the technical direction;
– advice and support throughout the course;
– registration of a residence permit and nostrification takes place at the same time in Slovakia and, we
help with this.

Course dates: 04/01/2022 – 08/31/2022
Payment: 2000 euros – payment for the language course to the university;
+ Additional paid-for package of services the help with admission campaign in TUKE

Location: Kosice, Slovakia. Language school Holiday In Slovakia
Groups: 6-12 people
Volume: 370 academic hours
Level: from 0 to B1 + specialized subjects. 



  • Language course in Slovakia 5 months – 370 academic hours;
  • The course is taught by the teachers of the Technical University of Kosice;
  • Residence permit for the entire stay in Slovakia with the ability to officially work 20 hours a week, which will partially offset the costs;
  • assistance and support to the migration service when applying for a residence permit;
  • assistance in choosing a university, consultations;
  • filing an introductory application;
  • transfer of the service fee to the faculty;
  • sending documents to the university;
  • advice and assistance in the preparation and execution of documents required for filing an introductory application;
  • communication with the university at the request of the student;
  • curator in Slovakia;
  • assistance with university enrollment;
  • assistance with nostrification of documents;
  • assistance in opening a student’s account in a Slovak bank;
  • assistance in registering a student in the faculty system and obtaining a student card;
  • assistance in booking a hostel for a student.

Our students will have a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the language environment. They will visit the country in which planned to study and also take classes with a certified native speaker.


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    Розпочинаємо набір абітурієнтів на оформлення для вступу в університети в 2022р.

    Акційна пропозиція “Early Bird” діє з 01.06 – 01.09.2021р та надає знижку в розмірі 200 євро на пакет послуг та мовні курси!”


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