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    We are a Slovak agency with offices in Slovakia, Kosice, and in Ukraine, Kyiv.
    We help students to enter an educational institution in Slovakia for the desired study program and complete all the documents!
    We will organize your admission campaign so that the student has the highest chances for admission and can study in the chosen specialty.
    Also, for the student to study successfully, we cooperate with the Slovak language school, which makes it possible to take courses in the study of the Slovak language in advance and be ready for the academic year!

    More than 7 years on the market

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    Choose any university in Slovakia,
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    Learning the Slovak language

    Experience shows us that it is not difficult to enter, but it is difficult to resist and complete education. Therefore, we offer you language course programs developed specifically for prospective students.

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    Reviews from our students

    The process of admission, moving to another country, living and studying conditions in Slovakia – you will find out about all this from the video review of our student Roman, who entered and is studying at the Technical University in Kosice. He will tell about his experience of admission and study in Slovakia, opportunities for students, and further plans.


    Yes, they can! In 2008 Ukraine joined the group of Visegrad countries to integrate into the European Union. A pleasant bonus from Ukraine’s joining this group is the opportunity to take part in various programs and grants. Cooperation in higher education is one such advantage. Ukrainian citizens can freely enter and study free of charge in universities of the Visegrad countries, of which Slovakia is a member. The basis for this is also the Law on Higher Education of the Slovak Republic, which allows students who speak the Slovak language to study at state universities in the country for FREE.

    The faculty management independently decides whether entrance examinations for certain specialties will be held. At the moment, for most specialties, exams do not need to be taken due to a small competition. Exceptions can be made for the most prestigious specialties: doctor, dentist, specialties related to computer technology, as well as psychology and law.

    At the moment, most faculties do not require proof of proficiency in the Slovak language upon admission, be it a certificate or passing an exam. But preparation in the language is necessary before starting the study since from the very first lessons you will study in the Slovak language. And the quality of your preparation in the Slovak language before the school year, the easier it will be for you to integrate into the educational process and complete everything you need.

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    Якщо ви вже визначилися, що хочете навчатися в Словаччині, пропонуємо вже зараз зробити перший крок і отримати знижку.

    Розпочинаємо набір абітурієнтів на оформлення для вступу в університети в 2022р.

    Акційна пропозиція “Early Bird” діє з 01.06 – 01.09.2021р та надає знижку в розмірі 200 євро на пакет послуг та мовні курси!”


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