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Can Ukrainian citizens study in Slovakia for free?

Yes they can! Ukraine in 2008 joined the countries of the Visegrad Group with the intention of integration into the European Union. A pleasant bonus from joining Ukraine to this group was the opportunity to participate in various programs and grants. One such advantage is cooperation in higher education. Ukrainian citizens can freely enter and study for free in universities of the Visegrad group, of which Slovakia is a member.The basis for this is also the Law on Higher Education of the Slovak Republic, which allows students who are proficient in the Slovak language to study at state universities in the country for FREE.

Who and on what conditions can enter the Slovak universities?

According to the current legislation of the Slovak Republic in higher educational institutions (bachelor degree) can come natural person who has received a full general secondary education or a full special secondary education. The condition for studying at the second stage (magistracy) is to obtain a higher education of the first or second stage, and the sum of the number of credits, according to which a preliminary higher education was received, and the difference in the number of credits for obtaining the corresponding second-level education should be at least 300 credits. The condition for admission to the third stage of higher education (doctoral studies) is the completion of the second stage of higher education. To enter the university, you must apply. Individual faculties independently determine in what terms and which documents are attached to the application. Also, the faculties independently decide on the question of the entrance examinations.

For admission, you must first provide a document on the completion of the relevant level of education.

Note: the requirements of faculties and universities for the processing of documents may vary. With the development of cooperation with individual universities and faculties, we will post on our website all the necessary information regarding the requirements for the design of individual documents.

We also recommend paying attention to:

– apostilization of documents;

– translation of documents into Slovak by a specialist registered in the translator’s register of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic;

– recalculation of estimates in accordance with the Slovak scoring scale;

– Nostrification of the secondary education certificate in the education department of the relevant district state administration. *

*Attention!!! To date, there is an existing agreement between the governments of Slovakia and Ukraine on mutual academic recognition of the equivalence of education documents. According to this agreement, nostrification is not mandatory. However, not all universities have this information yet. It is advisable to inform them about this fact. The text of the agreement is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Education of Slovakia (

Do I have to take exams for admission to Slovak universities?

Faculty management independently decides, whether entrance examinations for separate specialties will be conducted. At the moment, for most specialties, you do not need to take exams due to a small competition. Exceptions can be made for the most prestigious specialties: doctor, dentist, specialties related to computer technology, as well as psychology and jurisprudence.
Successful admission to an institution may depend on the results of schooling in a secondary school. In this case, examinations of the certificate of secondary education, the results of various olympiads and competitions are considered. Also, it is possible to take an examination on a certain subject, similar to the final examination after the completion of the secondary school (maturita).
Some faculties conduct entrance examinations for certain specialties. The faculty informs about the terms of the examinations in writing after the application has been submitted, as a rule, not less than 30 days before the beginning of the examination. Entrance examinations are usually conducted in subjects that are profile for the relevant specialties. Another type of exam can be “testing abilities” (talentová skúška). Their goal is to identify the abilities of the applicant for training in the chosen specialty. These can be exams in dance, music, drawing, sports.

Can I start learning in Slovakia without knowing the language?

The Slovak language is closely related to Ukrainian, so its ignorance will not be an obstacle to admission to most faculties, where you do not have to take the entrance exams. Knowing the necessary minimum of words, you will feel comfortable enough in the Slovak language environment. However, for successful training it is worthwhile to pay attention to the study of special terminology. If you need to take entrance exams, a certain level of knowledge of the Slovak language is necessary.

What differences exist in the Slovak and Ukrainian training systems?

There are practically no differences. The Bologna system also forms the basis of education in higher educational institutions in Slovakia. In Ukraine, the credit and modular system was introduced in 2005. Minor differences can be found in individual universities and faculties, since their leadership has the right to independently modify the learning process. The main task of the student is to recruit a sufficient number of credits during each semester in order to get permission to move on to the next semester or course.

Can a Ukrainian student work in Slovakia?

According to the current legislation of Slovakia, a foreign student who has a temporary residence permit for the purpose of training has the right to work. However, there is a restriction that does not allow university students to work more than 20 hours a week (See §23a ods .5 Zákona č. 5/2004 Z.z. O službách zamestnanosti).

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