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The Technical University of Košice was founded in 1952. It is one of the best universities of technology on the national level and a respected university of technology on the international level. The University has a strong degree of autonomy, it develops scientific knowledge based on its own original findings, provides education at all three levels of higher education (bachelor, master and doctoral level) and develops lifelong education. The University meets the needs of
industry, region and society by its research, substantially involved in providing services to general public. To provide scientific and technological knowledge basis, innovation and workforce, in order to form beneficial and sustainable future and high quality of life, the University supports innovative research and excellent education in all scientific branches of its faculties.

The number of students currently attending its nine faculties is 9,000. Approximately 8,100 of them are full-time students, the rest are part-time students. 5 % of them are international students. There are almost 800 teachers and 900 research and administrative staff. The University is an important scientific and research institution, as evidenced by dozens of solved national and international projects, as well as awarded scientific prizes for research teams. The University closely co-operates with other universities, organisations and industry.

Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Degree: Bachelor

Language: English

Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

About the programme: Programme graduates gain the knowledge of the theory of mechanical systems and their application in computational, constructional and technological problems. They are able to design, develop, implement, expand and operate modern mechanical devices, and they can co-operate with managers and specialists from other professions. They also obtain theoretical and methodical knowledge of the fields related to engineering and machines. Programme graduates have improved skills in using the CAD systems, and they are introduced to the economy rules, organisation and business activities in the field of mechanical production. They obtain practical experience, abilities and skills by working in the field of construction and making documents of mechanical systems.

Tuition fee: part‑time: 5,000 €/academic year

Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Degree: Master

Language: English

Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

About the programme: Programme graduates are able to analyse, design, construct and review large engineering devices, and they are also able to provide research with high creativity and self‑activity. They obtain a detailed knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, which gives them the ability to manage work teams in the respective field. They are able to lead projects independently and takeover liability for complex solutions. They are able to use scientific approaches, because they have experience with formulation of hypothesis, design of experiments, hypothesis verification and analysing of obtained data.

Tuition fee: part‑time: 6,000 €/academic year

Introductory campaign

The main condition for admission to the 1 st level (bachelor) is the presence of a complete general secondary education or full secondary vocational education.

Fee for the procedure of admission Normal application form: 25 € Electronic application form: 20 €

Documents required for admission

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