Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

Похожее изображениеThe Academy of Fine Arts and Design was founded in 1949 in Bratislava. At present, it is a modern and dynamic European university. Its students and teachers successfully present their artworks in Slovakia and abroad. The Academy is a fully accredited university offering complex bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes in the field of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, Conservation and Restoration. The Academy is fully integrated in the international environment and co-operates with numerous art higher education institutions all over the world. For many years, it has been involved in Erasmus+ programme.
At present, none of the study programmes offered by the Academy of Fine Arts and Design can be studied in English or any other foreign language. Nevertheless, the Academy organises admission examinations for bachelor degree study also in English language. This admission examination is intended for students whose command of Slovak language is not satisfactory for study at the time of application, but it can be expected that their knowledge of Slovak
language will improve to the needed level during the first year of their study, and thus they will be able to complete their studies in Slovak language (e.g. students with Slavic mother tongue). Admission examination includes the following parts: “History of Art” test (the test is focused mainly on world history of art, cultural and historical studies); oral examination (interview with the examination committee) and practical fine art and design assignments.