What is the level of accommodation costs for students in the Slovak Republic?

After analyzing the data on the cost of living students in Kosice, we came to the conclusion that on average this amount is from 300 to 400 euros per month. The amount varies depending on the university in which the student is studying, the conditions of living in the hostel, and, naturally, from the individual requests and needs of the student. It should be noted that in the first two months it is necessary to count on higher costs, since some of the services included in this amount are paid in certain universities for several months in advance.

Payments, which became the basis for the calculation:

Accommodation in the hostel: 90 – 100 euro / month

Internet + other services in the hostel: 3 – 5 euro / month

Transportation (public): 10 euro / month

Meals and leisure: 40 – 150 euro / month

Books, phone, etc .: 10 – 20 euro / month

What are the conditions for living in hostels?

We must understand that the conditions of living in a hostel can not be the same as in a parental home. However, in this situation, it is important that the student has the opportunity to live in fairly acceptable conditions for an affordable fee.
The quality and accommodation conditions in the hostel depend on the university in which you are studying, but these differences are not significant. As a rule, dormitories have a block system, each block consists of two rooms. In the block live four / six students: one room for two / three people. Each unit has its own toilet and shower room. Each floor has a kitchen and laundry.
Each room has everything you need – beds, tables, shelves and wardrobes. As a rule, there are no refrigerators in the rooms, but in some dormitories one refrigerator per unit is installed. You can also buy your own refrigerator, the prices for small refrigerators in Slovakia – from 80 to 160 euros.
The Internet is everywhere, but for an additional fee: from 10 to 50 euros per semester, depending on the hostel.

Legal grounds for living in Slovakia

To enter the territory of Slovakia you need a Schengen visa (type C) or a national visa (type D). The visa gives the student the right to stay in the territory of Slovakia for a certain number of days. If you have already used your Schengen visa before entering Slovakia, we recommend checking the number of available days during which you can legally stay in the Schengen area using the “Schengen calculator”: (http://ec.europa.eu/dgs / home -affairs / what-we-do / policies / borders-and-visas / border-crossing / schengen_calculator_en.html).
After entering Slovakia, students must apply for a temporary residence permit. This permit grants the right to stay in the territory of Slovakia for an unlimited amount of time (within the limits of your study period).
According to the current legislation of Slovakia, a temporary residence permit for students is not required during the first 90 days of stay in the country. The condition of stay is the fulfillment of other requirements established by law (the availability of a valid visa, the announcement of arrival in the territory of Slovakia, etc.). Accordingly, the student has 90 days (or another period specified in the visa) in order to file documents with the police and obtain a temporary residence permit. The police issues a decision to grant (or refuse to grant) an authorization within the 30-day period established by law.
After making a decision to grant a temporary residence permit, the police give an order for the production of the relevant document (card). The period established by law for making a card is also 30 days.
After making a decision on a temporary residence permit, you are legally in the territory of Slovakia, even if you do not have a document in your hands. However, if you leave the country after the expiry of the visa, you will not have a legal basis for returning to Slovakia. We recommend you carefully and in advance plan your stay. If you need to leave the country during the processing of documents, we recommend using the express card manufacturing service (cost 24.5 euros, the term of manufacturing – up to 2 working days). This service must be ordered before the police file an application for the production of your card. If the card has already been ordered and is in the process of manufacturing, it will not be possible to change the simple way of manufacturing to express mode.