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School of Management in Trenčín

Картинки по запросу Высшая школа менеджмента в БратиславеThe School of Management was founded in 1999 as the first private college in Slovakia. The founding partner of the School of Management is the City University of Seattle (USA), which has been successfully offering its business curricula in Slovakia since 1991. The School of Management in co-operation with the City University of Seattle offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes; its diplomas are accredited in the USA by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and
Universities (NWCCU). After obtaining a diploma from the School of Management, its graduates can expand their knowledge in practice or they can decide to continue studying the City University of Seattle programmes for one additional academic year in order to obtain the American Diploma of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and consequently next two years to receive the Diploma of Master of Business Administration (MBA). The School of Management is a private non-profit institution of higher education. Its mission is to offer high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn.

List of study programmes offered in English or other foreign languages:

  • Bachelor level

    Programme: Business Administration

    Degree: Bachelor

    Language: English

    About the programme: The programme is offered by the School of Management in co-operation
    with the City University of Seattle (USA). The programme is built on a solid core of management
    education combined with coursework that provides a broad understanding of business and
    surveys the contemporary business disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, economics,
    law and international relations. During their studies, students strengthen their communication
    skills and decision‑making, and learn about the importance of behavioural factors in business.

    Tuition fee: 2,590 €/academic year

  • Master level

    Programme: Business Administration

    Degree: Master

    Language: English

    About the programme: The programme is focused on advanced professional business education;
    it helps graduates to become recognised as leaders at all levels of organisation. During their
    studies, students have the opportunity to develop orientation, skills and confidence to think
    strategically, take the initiative and get results by motivating others. The programme uses
    a mix of new and traditional teaching methods, including self‑assessment, simulation and work
    with real organisations. Students learn from academically‑qualified lecturers with extensive
    practical experience in courses they teach. Students can choose from 3 specialisations: Global
    Management; Financial Management; Marketing Management.

    Tuition fee: 695 €/1 course (there are 16 courses, i.e. the fee in total is 11,120 €)

Бесплатное образование в Словакии

Образование в Словакии - поступление на бакалаврат и магистратуру в 2021/2022 году

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ОСВІТА В СЛОВАЧЧИНІ - вступ на бакавларіат і магістратуру в 2021/2022 рік

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